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This is truly transformative..and skips years of self analysis and hard work!

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It is simple really, YOU are IMPORTANT. Your life is important and people matter to us. We want to see you have a real opportunity to break through your fears and destructive patterns.
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Here's What Others Are Saying About Our Course

"Just Amazing!" - David - Auckland NZ

When I discovered aspect integration /crushing self-sabotaging thoughts, I had no idea what it was; but the benefits came immediately upon applying the principles. Aspect integration is an amazing tool for freeing yourself from events and issues of the past, and I highly recommend it to anyone ready for a powerful breakthrough and lots of aha moments as the process unfolds

Jessica - Taupo NZ

After leaving my home country in May 2017, I was finding that I was feeling “lost” and struggling to ground in my new home of NZ. Thankfully, I ended up meeting Heather and Lou and having the opportunity to receive an Aspect Integration session. I was provided with the opportunity to become more aware of my triggers, what patterns I developed as a child. Since the Aspect Integration session, I find myself more in balance, self-assured, grounded, and motivated to achieve my next level of growth & allows for more freedom and choice in my life.

It's So Simple.. Anyone Can Do This!

Heather & Louise are talented and authentic, everyone in the room was enthralled by the depth of wisdom explained in the Aspect Integration Workshop.  No matter how "spiritual" we think we are, we all have stuff that we have to deal with and move through. So if you are ready to step up and into who you are; then now is the perfect time. Don't procrastinate or make excuses because this course could change your life forever.  Verna - Whitianga NZ


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