The Pleiadian Activation ~ Energy Healing ~
Are You Called To Be A Facilitator?
Learn to use the Pleiadian Activation for healing with clients and family
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There are moments when the Universe just drops something in your lap and.... 

Becoming a Facilitator of The Pleiadian Activation ~ The Continuation ~ is gifting yourself the ability to Sense, See, Feel, Know, Attune to, Identify with the Receiver of the healing energy in a new and vibrant manner.

Watching Platorans work on a participant, explaining each step of the way, is a unique learning curve.
Gone are the step by step processes...
Instead you are guided by a heightened Intuitive Knowing that kicks in and stays with you.

This is a Two Day Training Workshop
You will be 'trained' by Heather and Louise Reiss-James who brought it through under the guidance of the Pleiadian Council member Platorans who will be the overseer of the training via Louise.

Next Course TBA 
You must receive your own Pleiadian Activation beforehand.  
(This is included in the fee of the Training Workshop as is your own downloadable 'Manual') 
(all participants receive their Activation)

What's In It For YOU?
Next Workshop March 9 2019
  • Learn how to engage with the Universal Energy to bring about True Healing with your receiver
  • Train alongside the Pleiadian Mentor who brought this through to us
  • Become immersed in a wonderful High Energy healing & learning environment!
  • Receive your own Pleiadian Activation
  •  Come​to 'understand' what your 'receiver' will experience
  • Meet other star/soul family at this Training Workshop
  • Leave changed!
  • Facilitate Healing with Clients and Family
  • Ongoing support for Facilitators
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