Self Mastery
'Take Action' Package 
Self Mastery is a way of life!
A life without Mastery, is a life where we are victim.
To all and sundry controlling, dictating how we live and respond to life.  
A life where we live in blaming and avoidance!

Let us work with you for 5 sessions 
For 1hr a hour each week and assist you to regain your life
Is this how you want to live?
  •  Are you at a place in your life where you are READY to Take Action?
  • ​Have you reached the place and time in your life where you are tired of being stuck?  
  • Tired of being a victim of your own making?
  • ​Ready to stop the process of rinse, repeat, recycle?
  • ​Are you READY to begin a journey that will take you into the places of meeting yourself in a new way?
  • ​Climb into the Self Mastered and Empowered Life you know, is there for YOU!

"The feeling of coming into my I Am presence was powerful and very real for me, the guidance so loving and pure. Clearly understanding the aspects of self and bringing them home to Source has given me a greater understanding of my God - I Am within.

Ludwinna; Hamilton - NZ

"When I discovered aspect integration /crushing self-sabotaging thoughts, I had no idea what it was; but the benefits came immediately upon applying the principles. Aspect integration is an amazing tool for freeing yourself from events and issues of the past, and I highly recommend it to anyone ready for a powerful breakthrough and lots of aha moments as the process unfolds

David D, Auckland NZ 

“Amazing – we covered a lot of ground. I now understand what aspects are, how we created them and what to do with them. Then DNA overlay as well – WOW”

J.Brown - Wellington NZ

Incredible, authentic and real.....amazing healers, experienced channeling mentors. So happy to have found Heather and Louise ❤️

Melly - Auckland NZ
  • ​Published 'The Lyran Disclosure' book, 2019
  • ​Speakers at Coffs Harbour Illuminate Australia, 2019
  •  Birthed - Sacred Site Tours, 2018
  •  Introduced Energy Catalysts, 2017
  • Taught Self Mastery Course/Unlocking Keys to Channel/Pleiadian Activation Healing  2012 - 2109
  • Published 'Self Mastery & Abundance', 2012
  • Run Sacred Sites Tours since, 2010
  •  Worked with individuals in Mentoring & channelled sessions, 2009 
  • Created Ascension Explorers Limited, 2010
We, Heather and Louise, have chosen to be public in our discoveries and journey into the 'world of the non-physical'.  We have been given information, some which we have shared, some which we sit with and wait. 

Our directive in life is to be of service to those that really want to change and create lives that are 'powerfully empowered'.

We teach that the individual is their own teacher, student, healer and above all their own master.  
Many people are unaware that this is something that they can have! Mastery over their own life! Becoming fulfilled, a life with meaning.
This is where we come in to assist.   

Over the last decade working with ourselves and many other people we have found clues to getting things done EASILY without all the rules and spending lots of money and time at the hands of a 'professional'.

These have birthed our foundation courses from Self Mastery to Energy Healing Activation and Learning to Channel.

Are you ready to Take Action FOR YOUR life and move into Self Mastered Empowerment?

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