Watch this video to find out about The Pleiadian Activation 
*12mins 30secs in Platorans our Pleiadian drops in to speak

CALLING ALL energy workers, star seeds, 'healers'...

The Ultimate In Self Healing
Universal Connection
In 2010 Platorans, of The Pleiadian Council, gifted The Pleiadian Activation to the Humanity via Ascension Explorers with Heather & Louise.

It has been a Modality of Great Power.  Assisting many to walk away from Crippling Dis-ease and Pain.

The Pleiadian Activation Touches ALL Aspects of the Human.  
Energy Body
Physical Body
Mental Body
Emotional Body 
The Pleiadian Activation connects at a DNA level as well as Spiritual Level.  Using Universal Energy as the Divine Healing Source, The Continuation, as we refer to The Pleiadian Activation, is able to flow intricately into all parts of our being.

All Facilitators Will Receive An Official Certificate

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