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Welcome to 'Energy Catalysts’ this is our place where we are sharing the tools and teachings that are propelling our life beyond our wildest dreams. This is our Holistic Adventure of Abundance creation, deep Healing and Spiritual growth. East meets west, Ying and Yang, black meets white and dark meets light. No stone has been left unturned. 
You have come to the right place if you want to break free and live your own Truth and find yourself amongst the noise.
If this is what you want look around. There is something here for you.
Heather & Louise Reiss-James, Founders
Ascension Explorers encompasses Energy Catalysts
Ascension Explorers is our big umbrella established in 2009 to bring channeled spiritual teaching, healing, retreats, sacred site tours and workshops for the assistance of humanity.
In 2018 Energy Catalysts was Birthed to take our Spiritual discoveries and teachings and allow them to wrap their wings into and around the Human personal growth and business arena creating a fuller holistic platform for people who are awakening in the droves! 
At last!! Small group tour only..don't miss out
Early Bird special ends Feb 28 2019
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 Events in New Zealand
March 2019
WHAT if you Could Heal Yourself 
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Signed Limited Edition Book
Louise has written the first of the series The Lyrans.  Her first book Disclosure has almost sold out.  
If you want to hold, own one of the Original First Edition Prints, which will be Signed by Louise grab one now.
There were only 50 printed and there are less than halftwenty five, fifteen books left.
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 We are all About YOU!
 Spiritual & Personal Growth!
In the pipe line & Recommendations

Spiritual Genealogy
Live Webinar 
Have you ever wanted to know about where you hail from and more about, the Pleiadies, Arcturus,Orions Belt?Or who are the Lyrans really? Why you have a sense of so much more. It is Cosmic! 
It's Cosmic! Tell me when.

Emotional Release Webinar
Was very successful! As we knew it would be.
We will be bringing this to you again.

Learn to Master your life and get as much Wealth as you can handle!
We can not recommend John and his team enough. 
Without these wonderful teachers, we may still be renting, saving and praying that something changes!
Seriously take a look at this if you are struggling to get your finances and life where you want them!
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